How do I get linens for my event ?
Please review Aladdin Comparison Matrix on type of service in the Catering Guide [pdf].

Tablecloths for Guest Table that are included are based on eight guests per table.

Additional linens can be order 7 business days prior to event at a cost of $3.50 for head table and reception desk. Special colors and prints are available at market prices with 10 business day notice.
  What is the catering serving time ?
Catering service times are as follow:

Beverage breaks- one hour

All meal events are based on a one and half hour period for meal and program. If the catering portion of the event goes over the one and half hour period, there will be an additional labor charge of $15.00 per labor hour until this portion of the event concludes.

Buffet Food Service: Guests will serve themselves from the buffet table(s). Buffet style does NOT mean that the service is "all you care to eat". There will be sufficient food for the guests to go through the buffet line once.

Buffet service will remain open for a 45 minute window or a 15 minute window after the last person has gone through the buffet line, whichever occurs is first.
  When do I select my menu ?
A menu selection must be placed a minimum of seven business days prior to the event to ensure an appropriate lead time for ordering, preparing and staffing. If you have needs that are outside of our ordering time frame, selections with less than seven days' notice will incur a 20% surcharge on the total order.
  I have less than 20 guests attending.
How do you handle that ?
Any request for less than 20 guests will be charged an additional 20% surcharge.
  Our event will have more participants than we originally anticipated.
How much notice do you need to accommodate them ?
Must be notify three business days to event.
  Can you provide to-go boxes for catering leftovers ?
In order to comply with state and local health regulations, perishable foods will not be allowed to be taken from any catered event. This applies to both clients and their guests.
  What is your policy on bringing in outside food and drinks ?
In order to safeguard against health and liquor liability, no food and beverage may be brought into or taken out of the facilities. All food and beverage items purchased and consumed are required to be purchased through Aladdin Food Management Services. All remaining food and beverages after the event's completion are property of Aladdin Food Management Services.

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